Its Only Rock N' Roll

Josh/16/New Zealand-
"You've got the sun, you've got the moon, and you've got The Rolling Stones".
-Keith Richards


“After a tour I’ll pop down to Sussex for a couple of weeks and decompress with the family. That way they’ll semi-domesticate me again. I find it difficult to get to grips with the idea of daylight, but a little sojourn in the tropics usually helps. It’s not easy coming off a tour and come dinner time - and this is something that really pisses off the old lady - I’m wondering where the gig is.” ― Keith Richards says to GQ in 1999.

© Photos by Peter Lindbergh, New York, 1999.

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high tide and low tide in great britain. photographs by michael marten

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""I never had a problem with drugs, I just had a problem with cops"